Stratford Rising

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  • Stratford Is Rising

    Stratford Is Rising

    In summer 2011 the members of Stratford Rising made a short film to introduce themselves, their work and their aspirations for arts and culture in a changing Stratford – follow this link to find out more.

  • Welcome to Stratford Rising

    Welcome to Stratford Rising

    Stratford, east London, is at the heart of the biggest urban regeneration project of our time. In recognition of the extraordinary nature of this change Stratford Rising is the leadership initiative advocating for culture in Stratford's future and demonstrating they ways in which the arts and culture are essential to successful place making.

    We are a consortium of organisations, based in Stratford, with interests in arts related to production, programming, education, training and development. We have come together because we can achieve more for the arts and culture in Stratford through join action and shared expertise.


  • SHEDspace


    On a brilliantly sunny day in July 2011, with Stratford Town Centre full of shoppers and families, thousands of people enjoyed circus, plays, storytelling, music, games, fashion and much more. SHEDspace brought artists and Newham’s highest profile cultural producers into the town centre, using 13 garden sheds for a whole variety of performances and activities.

    Catch 2012's SHEDspace this September.

  • 12 for 2012

    12 for 2012

    In January Stratford Rising  launched their whole programme for the 2012 calendar year.  This work is designed, made and produced in Stratford, and will be performed across Newham, east London, the UK and internationally.